Patrick Smith
Designer &

I am an app and web designer/developer from Melbourne, Australia. I am interested in creating for passionate professionals, both with my own projects and as a freelancer.

My app Blik is great for busy Dropbox folders and the many files that build up from projects. Its simple interface lets you organize all your important files so they are only a couple of clicks away.

The Icing editor lets people create content with a rich structure without having to learn HTML. Most of the pages on this site were made using the Icing editor, including this one. I hope to keep adding to Icing until a substantial range of web pages can be created using it, all from a simple UI.

Hoverlytics lets you see your visitor numbers in a small panel on your actual website. To see the stats for a particular page, just hover over its link and they will load directly from Google Analytics.

You may view my resume as a downloadable PDF.

If you wish to get in contact, email here.

You can also: view my photographs on Flickr and Instagram · see creative ideas at Behance and Dribbble · use my open source work at GitHub · browse what inspires me on Pinterest · or follow or block me on Twitter