Patrick Smith · I am a digital product designer and developer from Melbourne, Australia, focused on creating apps for the Mac and web for passionate professionals, both as a freelancer and with my own projects.

My app Blik allows your most important files to be only a click away. It’s great for busy Dropbox folders and the masses of files that amass from projects.

Lantern is a professional website auditing tool to easily validate website content in bulk and assist with search engine optimisation.

Hoverlytics for Chrome lets you conveniently see your Google Analytics audience numbers, simply by hovering over the links within your website.

Icing is an experimental document editor, with an extensible format. Most of the pages on this site were made using the Icing editor, including this one.

I list articles, podcasts, and talks I keep coming back to at Reprise.

Open source

Flambeau is an opinionated flux library for React.js. react-rx-subscriber allows React components to subscribe to RxJS observables. react-sow is an easy way to add customisable styling to React components. react-meadow lets you create dynamic forms for JSON data.

BurntFoundation and BurntCocoaUI are Swift libraries to make writing apps that little bit nicer.


You may view my resume as a downloadable PDF.

Some of my previous work can be viewed here.

If you wish to get in contact, email here.

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