Patrick George Wyndham Smith

Patrick Smith · product designer & developer

I am a digital product designer & developer from Melbourne, Australia, focused on creating apps for the web & Mac for passionate professionals, both as a freelancer and through my own projects.

Completing a Bachelor of Multimedia Design in 2009, I then freelanced for companies large and small, and co-founded adventure sports video curator and creator in 2011. I currently work at Coder Academy as a lead trainer.

This website is content managed using a public Trello board and my open source tool Lokum.

Open source

Web development

  • react-organism · Dead simple React state management to bring pure components alive
  • silverscreen · Video info and embedding for YouTube & Vimeo

Content tools

  • lokum · Website content management with Trello
  • lokum-preview · Live preview of Trello-managed websites
  • gateau · Editor for action stories
  • royal-piping · React wireframe library
  • Lantern · Mac app for website auditing and crawling


  • royal-rest · Learn about RESTful APIs in a playground

Mac/iOS development

  • Grain · Asynchronous data flow using enums
  • BurntCocoaUI · Declarative code for UI
  • swift-kick-web · Web tool to generate Swift code
  • Symbolist · Look up symbols in Mac executables, and search Cocoa’s classes

Web App Guides