Patrick George Wyndham Smith

Patrick Smith · product designer & developer

I am a digital product designer & developer from Melbourne, Australia, focused on creating apps for the web & Mac for passionate professionals, both as a freelancer and through my own projects.

Completing a Bachelor of Multimedia Design in 2009, I then freelanced for companies large and small, and co-founded adventure sports video curator and creator in 2011. As lead educator I taught 3 six-month bootcamps at Coder Academy from 2016 – 2018.

Open source

Web development

  • react-organism · Dead simple React state management to bring pure components alive
  • silverscreen · Video info and embedding for YouTube & Vimeo

Content tools

  • lokum · Website content management with Trello
  • lokum-preview · Live preview of Trello-managed websites
  • gateau · Editor for action stories
  • royal-piping · React wireframe library
  • Lantern · Mac app for website auditing and crawling


  • royal-rest · Learn about RESTful APIs in a playground

Mac/iOS development

  • Grain · Asynchronous data flow using enums
  • BurntCocoaUI · Declarative code for UI
  • swift-kick-web · Web tool to generate Swift code
  • Symbolist · Look up symbols in Mac executables, and search Cocoa’s classes

Web App Guides

Guides on React, Elm, Swift, Node.js, and application programming


Articles, interviews, and talk that have inspired me and my work