Patrick George Wyndham Smith

Quickly open your most important files.

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A project organized in Blik

Can you picture that exact file you want, but getting to it means navigating endless folders, making sense of a busy Dropbox, or juggling countless Finder windows?

Quickly open files from any project with the launcher menu

Set the preferred app to open files in

Organize shared files how you like

Blik lets you select the key files and folders from each of your projects and organize them how you like. Use Collections to group related files, no matter whether they live in Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or on your desktop (naughty!).

Make any file only a click away.

The Launcher Menu allows you to open files from any project in seconds from the status bar. Just add the files you need to a project’s Highlights list. It’s like having a Finder sidebar for every one of your projects.

Project briefs, photos, mockups, source files. Organization for Web Designers & Developers.

Blik is designed to make organising files easier. I am very happy to hear any feedback you have, or questions if you are unsure whether Blik’s offerings would be of use to you.