Previous Projects


Screenshot of Hoverlytics, which let you see audience analytics directly on your site
  • Panel that overlaid website with audience analytics for the exact page your were visiting.
  • Installed as a Chrome extension.
  • Developed using JavaScript, Backbone, D3, jQuery.
  • Used the Google Analytics API.
  • UI design using Photoshop.
  • Solo project.


Home page of InfinityList
  • Video production house with clients such as Mercedes Benz, Casio, Luna Park, and Bounce.
  • Received 400K visits and 1.4M page views per month at its peak.
  • Had an average time on site of over 30 minutes.
  • Developed voting system with weekly and monthly top charts across eight categories.
  • Streamlined curation workflow with automatic feed of multiple video sources with triaging and publishing tools.
  • Featured multiple novels ways of watching videos, from an infinity carousel, through to popular lists of the week and month
  • Developed using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3.
  • Used Memcache and Cloudflare for caching.
  • UI design using paper, Photoshop.
  • Used survey to get continual user feedback.
  • Collaborative project, solo developer.
  • Integrated DoubleClick, Buy Sell Ads, Google Analytics.
  • Conducted interviews with leading action sports athletes.


Screenshot of Blik, a utility app I made for Mac
  • Utility app for Mac for organising your projects and opening their files quickly.
  • Used animation and a clean design to make file organisation exciting.
  • Launched on the Mac App Store.
  • Developed using Objective-C, AppKit, Core Animation, Auto Layout, Grand Central Dispatch.
  • UI design using paper, Keynote.
  • Solo project.


Website for Wilsana, two villas in Bali
  • Website for two villas in Bali, through which bookings could be made.
  • Developed using PHP, HTML5, CSS3
  • UI design using Photoshop.
  • Solo project.